Using technology to connect with museums

Storify on Communication Using Twitter.

This week the senior students asked questions to museum curators using twitter. This questioning opportunity was provided through the partnership developed by their teachers with the Immigration Museum of Victoria. The link above will take you to the examples of the twitter feed.

This partnership was part of a unit of work that focused on story to answer the a big question about identity. It was evident from the feed shared and the presentation from students of notable people in Australian history they had, through their research developed deeper understandings about how the stories of many can create our own identity. The students took on the persona of the notable person and it was amazing to see each student sharing their research with others students. When Prep students are engaged and asking questions about and from Eddie Mabo and others are captivated by Elizabeth MacCarthy and how you can use an inkwell, it is exciting to see history come to life and “Kids Teaching Kids”. Having parents participating in the events supports the students and their learning but also gives an insight into how students are learning and thinking in primary school.

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