Catholic Social Teaching

Recently our senior students made their Confirmation and they presented their learning to their parents, also sharing an understanding of Catholic Social Teaching.

It is these principles that guided their unit on social justice and the actions they are taking this week. In fact these principles guide our decisions and are reflective of how we are the GOOD NEWS.

When we talk about the Catholic Identity of our school, it can be understood in the actions the students take in their learning, the way we conduct ourselves as a community and our understanding of justice. It is about having the confidence and belief that each member of our community, students, staff and parents can make a difference in our world.

For further information on Catholic Social Teaching, refer to the Caritas website as it has great videos, resources and information.


One thought on “Catholic Social Teaching

  1. I agree, the Caritas site is a great first stop for a comprehensive overview of Catholic Social Teaching. As a teacher, it was wonderful to see students being able to make connections between CST and the justice issues they were researching and presenting. Hopefully,these connections will continue to be made, especially in Term 4 when, across the school, we will be considering living sustainably.

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