Using the Blogroll and widgets

Each of the class blogs and the school blogs including this one have a blogroll. This provides a link to other blogs or sites that are helpful to parents. On this blog there is a link to the Positive Education Blog and other class blogs.There is also a link to a great website that parents and children will have fun exploring and one which teachers use consistently.


Many topics of interest are on this site and they combine visual and audio information.

The widgets which are the icons or pictures on the left hand side of the page will lead you to sites that assist with literacy. Just click on the icon and there you have it. We can add others as we find ones that might be useful.

If you come across other sites you think will assist parents in partnering in learning please comment and put in the addresses. We might be able to add them to the page.

These blogs are public and this provides an opportunity to link in with educators, experts and parents from beyond our community. All comments go through the moderator to be approved so if we are concerned about a comment or you have accidentally identified yourself we will be able to filter for you. So feel free to comment and share as you would when speaking to a person face to face and giving feedback.

Two way communication builds learning for all.

The children particularly love feedback about their learning. When we provide feedback, share our expertise or pose questions, this supports the children’s learning



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