Book Week- Across the Universe

  Deep Space and the Universe

Book Week this year is focused around the universe. Recently some of the staff were fortunate to visit the planetarium for a special viewing. It was amazing. You tube and tools such as the Hubble telescope have taken us deep into space.   I have created this link so you can share a view of the universe with your children.

Also provided is an astronaut, Chris Hadfield in the space station. He is singing a song by David Bowie produced about 40 years ago. Many of  us grew up in the era when the space race and N.A.S.A. were topical.

Space, the universe and “the Final Frontier” are still a fascination for us. Great advances in technology and explorative creativity has had an impact on the way we live and even stretched our imaginations in movies and TV.

It is a sense of wonder that drives people to creative thought. Our children should have opportunities to wonder, explore, create and think beyond the present.


Chris Hadfield sings Space Oddity by David Bowie

N.A.S.A. experiments with water and zero gravity




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